A different kind of web software company

We create call center software solutions and custom web applications that are powerful, flexible, and affordable. Since 1999, our software solutions have helped our clients achieve better workflow, better data management, and better bottom-line results.

We specialize in helping call centers optimize their performance through our WorksCC™ Call Center Software, creating robust 3CX reporting and integration solutions, designing custom web applications that solve critical business issues, and delivering managed web hosting in a secured, affordable environment.

We’re different. Many IT firms throw technology at a problem and hope a solution materializes. Often it doesn’t…or worse, the new technology makes workflow even more complicated. Instead, we work hard to understand your business challenges and, more importantly, the people who will ultimately use the solution.
We believe in our customers. Our customers achieve new heights using our IT solutions. Our client list includes leading corporations in a variety of industries. We’ve partnered with these organizations to automate processes, increase customer satisfaction and enhance their revenues — and we can do the same for you.
We listen. Our first goal is to fully understand the challenges your company faces. We then assemble the ideal combination of marketing solutions, technology solutions and in-depth consulting services to solve those challenges, in the most cost-effective way possible.
We keep our promises. Ever dealt with a salesperson who says “yes” to everything and then fails to deliver? Not JBHworks. We promise only what we can honestly deliver. Count on JBHworks to deliver exactly the solution that is needed to meet your business challenges, and to have your solution fully functional in the time it was promised.
We don’t use "techno-speak." You may not work with programming code or server structure, but are very capable of understanding the principles of business applications. So we communicate in plain English, offering complete explanations.
We help you solve today’s problems…and be ready for tomorrow’s. JBHworks will recommend what is needed for your company today and deliver a solution flexible enough to grow with you. We’ll create exactly what’s needed and do our best to ensure your solutions are the ideal fit for your organization, today and tomorrow.