How a new 3CX integration delivered more customers and revenue for one midsized business

by Justin Hill on May 30, 2017

Pizza is one of my favorite things; I love it. I also love success stories, especially when they involve clients who realize big gains by making relatively small changes in their call center technology.

The only problem with these success stories – and there are lots of them – is that the businesses themselves are usually too busy taking care of their customers to trumpet their own success. So I’d like to do that for one of them.

If you’ve ever ordered a pizza over the phone, you probably expected the person on the other end to quickly take your order and then get your delivery to you with as little delay as possible. That’s the job of one of our clients, which manages several individual franchised... [Read More]

Those sneaky agents: Top strategies for managing call center agents

by Justin Hill on March 13, 2017

Let’s face it, managing a call center is hard work. And the hardest part usually has nothing to do with schedules, payroll, IT challenges, etc. The hardest part is the people – the simple ongoing work of managing call center agents.

Of course, some agents are hardworking, stellar performers.  Others, however, can be downright sneaky and highly proficient and avoiding work, which makes it hard to manage a team to top productivity. These are challenges every call center manager must face, but there are strategies ... [Read More]

Why your call center software should play nice with accounting

by Justin Hill on July 5, 2016

In this series of blogs, we have been discussing the fundamentals of a cohesive call center solution where all the moving parts work together. This synergy between all your diverse systems is vital for many reasons, but underlying all of them is one goal: growing your business.

Accounting, which might be more accurately named “the fruits of your labor you can invoice for,” is one of the most critical functions within your call center strategy. This post is about how your call center system can...[Read More]

How to boost customer and employee satisfaction with call center human resources software

by Justin Hill on May 1, 2016

Managing employees in a call center environment – especially hourly-based call reps – can be a daunting task, even on a good day. But there’s no need for call center managers to feel like they’re herding cats. Using a proper call center workforce management software tool, their jobs can be greatly simplified.

Until the robots take over in some distant future, call centers will remain a very people-based business. Managing people in today’s world means using a variety of CRM, call center and HR software tools... [Read More]

3 ways to outpace your competition using call center automation software

by Justin Hill on April 10, 2016

In this post, we’ll cover one of most critical items for a call center’s success: Workflow automation.

“Workflow” is simply the set of processes a call center uses to manage its workload and ensure that reps are actually completing their tasks. Most call centers use one or more software systems to automate parts of their workflow.

Whether you know it or not, you’re already using a workflow in your call center. The question is how much of it is automated and whether it is actually working efficiently to keep your team... [Read More]

8 critical questions to ask when choosing a call center VoIP phone system

by Justin Hill on April 4, 2016

For a call center, there are few decisions more important than what phone system you choose. An advanced VoIP phone system is as critical to your team’s success as your circulatory system is to your body’s health. It’s what ties all the disparate parts together and allows your call center to function effectively as a unit.

In this post, we’ll outline eight critical questions to ask when selecting a VoIP phone system for your call center. [Read More]

5 ways your call center CRM software can make or break success

by Justin Hill on April 2, 2016

Does your call center have three or more different software applications that users have to log in and out of to perform their tasks? If so, then it’s likely that the overhead of running multiple applications is sapping your overall efficiency.

Think of the productivity boost and cost savings you could achieve by consolidating those multiple products down into a single call center management software application.

In this series of blog posts, we’ll outline several critical areas that call center management software should cover. From CRM to phone systems, from HR to accounting, from reporting to workflow, in order to maintain a productive call center, a single integrated platform... [Read More]

The art of reporting: Achieving your dream call center dashboard

by Justin Hill on March 28, 2016

Reporting is one of the most pivotal components of a comprehensive call center management system. Business intelligence is, after all, the actionable data you need to make key management decisions, such as staffing and workload management.

You need the details of your call center system’s inner workings to be fast and easy to access, but also secure and available only to appropriate personnel. To accomplish this, your call center dashboard should include robust reporting options in a variety of application areas and each method of reporting should align with your business needs. For example, reports should clearly show who the top performers are and also help management uncover hidden areas of opportunity. Visual information should allow ... [Read More]