Call center enhancements to best meet your unique needs.

Every contact center is unique, and we feel the solutions provided to your organization should be too. From reporting to recording tools to workforce management, the modules listed and described below will give you more control and greater operational insight, making your contact center the asset if was meant to be.

 Flexible Wallboard & Dashboard Options

View your call center data in real-time with flexible wallboards and dashboards

Things can move pretty fast in active call centers. One minute you may have 3 calls holding in queue, and the next minute, you’ve got 30.

It’s important to stay on top of these ever-changing numbers throughout the day.

Our wallboard solutions will provide you a real-time view of common call center metrics, including:

  • Agents in queue
  • Calls holding
  • Longest waiting call
  • Daily and monthly call counts for agents
  • Any other key performance indicators you need

In addition, our wallboard solutions provide flashing details for calls holding too long or agents in a status for too long.

  • Our wallboard options blend live and historical data onto one screen for constant updates
  • When integrated with our custom status options, see color-coded values and times of what status agents are in with real-time updates
  • Customize columns or certain summary numbers to best fit your call center
  • Layouts optimized for HDTVs
  • Custom desktop views available for managers
  • Dashboard-style reports are a hybrid of custom reports and aspects from the live data used on the wallboard. These reports give you a rich visual view of the activity of your call center

 Custom Reports

Let us build the exact reports you need to run your business efficiently

Every call center is unique — your reporting requirements will be as well.

With our custom report options, we work with your team to understand the key performance indicators your call centers needs to measure and how best to convey that in a well-designed report.

We leverage our years of database and call center experience to bring you meaningful reports tailored just for you.

  • As part of our new-client onboarding process, we will work with your team to understand the unique aspects of your call center and create reports that fit best
  • All reports can be run on demand and viewed online in HTML or exported to Excel, including native Excel charts
  • Reports have the option to be run on a schedule and emailed to a list of recipients
  • Easily filter reports by date ranges, queue selections, management teams, or individual agents
  • Our reporting solution can also blend in data from other sources, such as your CRM or sales tools, to create composite reports of enterprise activity

 Quality Assurance

Use our unique templates and tools to enhance agent performance

With our quality assurance module (call scoring), your team leads or quality monitors can easily select agent call recordings and a scorecard template to evaluate calls. A scorecard template is selected based on the call type, and it defines the attributes for evaluating the call.

As you listen to the call recording, you select options for the defined attributes and the values of those selections roll up into a final score of the call. This information is saved in the database and available for reporting. These reports will show how agents are performing over time.

  • Use our call recording solution to easily search and identify calls that need to be scored, all within an easy-to-use web browser interface.
  • Create any number of scorecard templates within the portal to use for scoring the calls
  • Scoring results are saved in the database for use in reports
  • Scoring reports show your top performing agents or agents that may some additional coaching. Also use reports to ensure agents are being scored routinely to meet client requirements for compliance.

 Custom Statuses / AUX Codes

Create an unlimited number of status options for better tracking of your agents

Our custom call status (or custom AUX codes) options allow you to extend pre-defined status options to any number of options your call center may need.

From “training” to “after call work” to “tea break” to “end of shift,” you are in control.

The use of custom statuses are also reflected on our wallboards and in reports, giving management a granular picture of what agents are up to.

  • Management and team members can see much more meaningful statuses for their agents, in both the live wallboards and reporting
  • The toggling of a custom status ties into our workforce management solutions, shift punches to be created throughout the course of the day
  • Certain business rules can be added to status options to keep agents from "camping out" on a particular status too long. A status can be designed to automatically change to another status or start flashing red on one of the wallboards after a pre-defined period of time
  • Selection of a custom call status can also be used to filter a list of call disposition options
  • Managers can change an agent's status remotely from the supervisor dashboard
  • Easily integrate with Kuando's Busylight, including custom color selections

 Call Recording Management

Let us assist with the daunting task of call recording management

Let us assist with the daunting task of call recording management.

Our solution provides the ability to easily search and play back call recordings, all directly within a web browser.

Call recordings can also be scored for quality assurance. In addition, we provide several options for archiving, retention, and purging.

  • Seamlessly convert call recordings to MP3 format, providing additional options for easy playback and management
  • Use APIs or background routines to push call recordings in near real time to third party voice analytic services for in depth analysis and possible redaction
  • Create custom retention and archive routines that move recordings off the main server and into archive storage

 Queue / Ring Group Manager

A powerful, yet simple tool for moving agents in and out of queues or ring groups

Our queue / ring group module keeps non-IT users out of the admin console and gives them a clean, easy-to-use screen for moving agents in and out of queues.

This can be a helpful feature for team leads who need to have agents working on different projects or clients throughout a shift and need to be able to move them around as needed.

  • Teams leads and management can easily move agents in and out of queues without having to log into the admin area
  • Includes a unique reverse view option for seeing what queues an agent belongs to versus what agents are in a queue
  • All changes are done in real-time

 Progressive Dialer

Power through campaigns and keep agents productive with a compliant progressive dialer solution

Our progressive dialer solution is designed to minimize time between outbound calls and keep agents productive through automation. Management will create campaigns, import contacts, select agents, and click start.

Once a campaign is in progress, agents are presented with outbound calls.

  • Management can create multiple campaigns with the ability to start and pause each
  • Use our import wizard to import your contacts into a selected campaign using CSV or Microsoft Excel files vIntegrates with our call disposition module for agents to disposition the call. Dispositions can also be customized to push into your CRM for additional tracking
  • Agents have the option to quickly leave a pre-recorded voice message and move on to the next call

 Workforce Management

Our workforce management tools help you make sure agents are where they need to be for maximum efficiency

Workforce management is a bit of art and science in an ever-changing call center environment. Some have even described it as “herding cats”. With our workforce tools, you can get the information you need to stay on top of this challenge and schedule agents accordingly. Our solution has tools for adding and updating agents’ schedules so that the system becomes aware of where agents are supposed to be.

Once the schedules are in, the system can:

  • Send emails when agents are late
  • Provide visual views of schedules
  • Run reports on schedule adherence
  • Provide reporting on call volumes versus agents’ schedules to ensure you are staffed appropriately

  • Use the agents’ schedule information to manage schedule adherence with email alerts and reports
  • The workforce dashboard provides visual tools and data for seeing historical call volume, call wait times, agents scheduled, and current call volume broken out half hour intervals giving a meaningful view activity for scheduling purposes.
  • When combined with our custom statuses module, agents actually build full shift records as they toggle their custom status options throughout the day.

 Call Disposition Routine

Gain valuable call tracking information and keep agents on task with our call disposition module

The call disposition module is a flexible desktop tool that agents use to control their phone system status and disposition calls. With the flexibility to build customized call flow rules, agents can be automatically taken out of queues and put back in, forced to disposition every call and automatically placed in “wrap up” status.

All the time spans of these activities are measured providing a more accurate representation of call handle time for each agent. In addition, the call disposition data can be used in reports to see trends in call dispositions.

  • Gain valuable insight into time between calls, wrap up time and handle time through meaningful reports.
  • Use the screen real estate of the desktop tool to highlight calls waiting and maximum wait times so agents are very aware of the call center activity as a whole
  • Customize our call disposition routine for your environment. This may be pulling customer information out of a CRM and displaying it on the agent’s screen or popping unique call scripts or pushing disposition information back into a CRM.

 CRM Integrations

Maximize your phone systems capabilities through integration with your CRM or other enterprise systems

In today’s world, phone systems and CRM/ERP applications are blending together to create solutions for agents to work quickly and efficiently. With our CRM integrations, we can automate tasks based on call activity. This increases productivity and accuracy by reducing repetitive manual tasks.

In addition, integrating with your CRM can provide combined reporting information such as sales data over call volume for individual agents or teams. With many popular CRMs providing robust APIs, integrations have become quite powerful and the sky really is the limit for what you can do.

  • Use caller ID information on inbound calls to lookup customers in your CRM databases and have this information pop on an agent’s screen as they answer the call.
  • For outbound campaigns, we can work with your CRM provider to incorporate click-to-dial routines so that agent’s simply click on a phone number to dial out
  • Have automatic journal entries made in your CRM/ERP applications based on call activity
  • Attach call recordings to items within your CRM for quick access to past activities. These may get attached to contact records or tickets or opportunities

 Custom Solutions

Looking for some out-of-the-box ideas? We love to leverage our 20+ years of experience to craft unique solutions for our clients.

For more than 20 years, JBHworks has designed, developed and supported hundreds of applications across numerous platforms and industries.

Our solutions are a strategic blend of our expertise and your business requirements, providing you with the best, most cost-effective solution.


We have successfully executed applications ranging from VoIP solutions to loan management to custom web portals to CRM integrations.

We really enjoy the opportunities our clients bring to us to use our problem-solving skills to come up with unique solutions that work. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

 Smart Call Routing

Leverage customer databases and history to route calls efficiently and minimize repetitive and annoying prompts

When calling into a contact center, most of us would prefer to not go through 10 different voice prompts and enter information repeatedly but rather get right to the person or group we need to interact with.

We can work with you to create a smart routing solution that reads call information live and looks up certain values from your customer databases to route calls where they need to go quickly and efficiently.

  • Provide customers a more personal experience by routing them where they need to go based on known customer information
  • Minimize time customers spend on your phone lines by routing them quickly and efficiently
  • Use customer database information to view what the customer last called in about in order to make their experience even more engaging

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