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Powerful, affordable call center software…with integrated 3CX technology

WorksCC call center software provides a single, centralized system to manage all your call center’s needs. From workflow automation to smart call queues, from real-time analytics to customized call flow, WorksCC provides a simple but powerful platform to manage it all.

With WorksCC, you can quickly increase customer satisfaction, improve forecasting and staffing, optimize personnel performance and maximize bottom-line revenue. Agents get the features they need to deliver the best service, while managers have access to real-time data to drive business decisions.

Integrated 3CX technology and 3CX reporting provides reliability and call quality in a solution that’s flexible enough to change with you as your business changes. Best of all, it’s affordable and easy to deploy.

The most complete call center software solution

WorksCC brings together all your call center’s critical elements into a single, easy to use platform.

WorksCC Diagram

With a JBHworks fully integrated call center platform, you can:

  • Optimize call center personnel performance and productivity
  • Integrate multiple systems, including CRM, billing, HR and more
  • Improve forecasting and staffing with real-time analytics and reporting
  • Manage multiple campaigns and call center teams
  • Improve customer service, employee satisfaction and bottom-line revenue
  • Leverage leading VOIP and automation tools from 3CX

Smarter software features make better call centers

Intelligent call features.

“Smart queues” automatically route calls and assignments based on activity and workflow.

Real-time analytics.

Real-time data and proactive alerts help you drive critical business decisions.

Quality & reliability.

Integrated 3CX technology ensures crystal clear calls and secured backend data.

CRM integration.

Seamless CRM integration lets you automate workflows and optimize customer experience.

Payroll, HR and other data.

Data from critical internal applications can be integrated to maximize efficiency.

Affordable yet powerful.

Designed to grow with you to meet changing environments and business needs.

Robust reporting.

Detailed reports alert you to bottlenecks and hidden growth opportunities.

No infrastructure costs.

Cloud-based architecture simplifies maintenance and minimizes setup costs.

Secure and compliant.

Data is secure and accessible, providing peace of mind and regulatory compliance.

WorksCC is your all-in-one solution to maximize your call center’s performance. The ideal combination of features built on proven 3CX technology means you can increase user productivity, enhance management reporting and give your customers the experience they deserve.

It all is delivered in a single, cloud-based platform that’s easy to integrate into your current business practices. And it’s more affordable than you might think.

WorksCC™ is your complete call center software solution

From workflow automation to smart call queues, from real-time analytics to customized call flow, WorksCC provides one simple, powerful platform to manage it all.