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The Omnichannel Approach to Customer Service

A hand pointing to a glowing holographic representation of multiple channels of communication formed through simple icons. The omnichannel approach is expected more and more by the average consumer these days, but what does omnichannel really mean? Learn more.

Omnichannel has become quite the buzzword across a number of industries. As with most buzzwords, there are a lot of ideas and impressions floating around, but less factual understanding about what this term actually means. In fact, few people, even within our telecom industry, are sure about what an omnichannel approach really is and what…

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Your 3CX Platform: Custom Enhancements Unlock Its Potential

A female agent on her headset. 3CX is one of the most popular platforms for call centers, but there are a number of common enhancements necessary to make it effective for your unique call center. Learn more.

Without a doubt, 3CX has become an industry-leading IP PBX system. 3CX is a powerful tool right off of the shelf, with basic features that include: Web conferencing Presence Softphones Smartphone clients Fax & voicemail to email Instant messaging However, the average 3CX installation has much untapped potential. JBHworks’ enhancements take that out-of-the-box 3CX platform…

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Why your call center software should play nice with accounting

In this series of blogs, we have been discussing the fundamentals of a cohesive call center solution where all the moving parts work together. This synergy between all your diverse systems is vital for many reasons, but underlying all of them is one goal: growing your business. Accounting, which might be more accurately named “the…

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5 ways your call center CRM software can make or break success

Does your call center have three or more different software applications that users have to log in and out of to perform their tasks? If so, then it’s likely that the overhead of running multiple applications is sapping your overall efficiency. Think of the productivity boost and cost savings you could achieve by consolidating those…

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The art of reporting: Achieving your dream call center dashboard

Reporting is one of the most pivotal components of a comprehensive call center management system. Business intelligence is, after all, the actionable data you need to make key management decisions, such as staffing and workload management. You need the details of your call center system’s inner workings to be fast and easy to access, but…

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