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Call Center CX: Is Your Technology Building Relationships?

Call center agent wearing an orange dress looks at a monitor while talking on a headset. She is making use of the latest call center CX technology to provide her best customer service.

If you’re in the call center industry, or if you regularly deal with customer inquiries as part of you business, you need to ask yourself the following question: Is your business’s technology helping or hindering your customer experience (CX) and satisfaction? When Technology Damages the Customer Experience As customers ourselves, many of us have experienced…

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Why Customer Experience (CX) Is More Relevant Than Ever

Two young, male call center agents wearing headsets are laughing as they take calls, providing the best user experience possible.

The automated, digital direction of our industry has some insiders asking whether person-to-person customer experience (CX) is still a relevant concern. Consider this: The call center is your company’s primary, and often only, point of direct contact with your customers — the people who are using and paying for your services. A large number of…

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Speech Analytics: Shaping the Call Center Landscape

A dark-haired female call center agent wearing a headset smiles as she takes calls —speech analytics provide critical information that increase her effectiveness on the job.

Our industry’s information collection and metrics technology has come far in recent years, with speech analytics now providing a wealth of data to guide individual operators in their customer interactions, aide management teams in their real-time decisions on the floor, and inform organizations as they redefine industry standards for customer experience (CX). Call Transcription: The…

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Busylight: Custom Statuses Everyone Can See

A blonde woman wearing a red shirt and a headset answers calls in a call center — the busylight is a great tool that can maximize efficiency for operators and management alike.

In all customer service situations, call centers in particular, everyone involved in an interaction has a vested interest in efficiency. On one side, the customer wants their situation handled quickly and efficiently, with as little wait time as possible. On the other side, a call center’s profitability requires taking the maximum number of calls and…

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Call Center Trends Influencing Industry Best Practices

A blue ballpoint pen is pointing to a particular metric on a multi-colored bar graph depicting call center trends.

If we were to stop time and observe exactly what was going on in the call center industry at the present moment, we would see a number of developments and industry trends gaining momentum, including: Better analytics A steady increase in remote working Two-way social media customer service interactions Let’s examine these industry trends a…

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The Omnichannel Approach to Customer Service

A hand pointing to a glowing holographic representation of multiple channels of communication formed through simple icons. The omnichannel approach is expected more and more by the average consumer these days, but what does omnichannel really mean? Learn more.

Omnichannel has become quite the buzzword across a number of industries. As with most buzzwords, there are a lot of ideas and impressions floating around, but less factual understanding about what this term actually means. In fact, few people, even within our telecom industry, are sure about what an omnichannel approach really is and what…

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Your 3CX Platform: Custom Enhancements Unlock Its Potential

A female agent on her headset. 3CX is one of the most popular platforms for call centers, but there are a number of common enhancements necessary to make it effective for your unique call center. Learn more.

Without a doubt, 3CX has become an industry-leading IP PBX system. 3CX is a powerful tool right off of the shelf, with basic features that include: Web conferencing Presence Softphones Smartphone clients Fax & voicemail to email Instant messaging However, the average 3CX installation has much untapped potential. JBHworks’ enhancements take that out-of-the-box 3CX platform…

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