Call Center Enhancements Custom Call Statuses, Progressive Dialers and Call Recording Management

Custom Statuses / AUX Codes

Create an unlimited number of status options for better tracking of your agents. Our custom call status (or custom AUX codes) options allow you to extend pre-defined status options to any number of options your call center may need.

From “training” to “after call work” to “tea break” to “end of shift,” you are in control.

The use of custom statuses are also reflected on our wallboards and in reports, giving management a granular picture of what agents are up to.

  • Management and team members can see much more meaningful statuses for their agents, in both the live wallboards and reporting

  • The toggling of a custom status ties into our workforce management solutions, shift punches to be created throughout the course of the dayName of the element

  • Certain business rules can be added to status options to keep agents from "camping out" on a particular status too long. A status can be design to automatically change to another status or start flashing red on one of the wallboards after a pre-defined period of time

  • Selection of a custom call status can also be used to filter a list of call disposition options

  • Managers can change an agent's status remotely from the supervisor dashboard

  • Easily integrate with Kuando's Busylight, including custom color selections

Call Recording Management

Let us assist with the daunting task of call recording management.

Our solution provides the ability to easily search and play back call recordings, all directly within a web browser.

Call recordings can also be scored for quality assurance. In addition, we provide several options for archiving, retention, and purging.

  • Seamlessly convert call recordings to MP3 format, providing additional options for easy playback and management

  • Use APIs or background routines to push call recordings in near real time to third party voice analytic services for in depth analysis and possible redaction

  • Create custom retention and archive routines that move recordings off the main server and into archive storage

Progressive Dialer

Power through campaigns and keep agents productive with a compliant progressive dialer solution.

Our progressive dialer solution is designed to minimize time between outbound calls and keep agents productive through automation. Management will create campaigns, import contacts, select agents, and click start.

Once a campaign is in progress, agents are presented with outbound calls.

  • Management can create multiple campaigns with the ability to start and pause each

  • Use our import wizard to import your contacts into a selected campaign using CSV or Microsoft Excel files

  • Integrates with our call disposition module for agents to disposition the call. Dispositions can also be customized to push into your CRM for additional tracking

  • Agents have the option to quickly leave a pre-recorded voice message and move on to the next call

Queue / Ring Group Manager

A powerful, yet simple tool for moving agents in and out of queues or ring groups

Our queue / ring group module keeps non-IT users out of the admin console and gives them a clean, easy-to-use screen for moving agents in and out of queues.

This can be a helpful feature for team leads who need to have agents working on different projects or clients throughout a shift and need to be able to move them around as needed.

  • Teams leads and management can easily move agents in and out of queues without having to log into the admin area

  • Includes a unique reverse view option for seeing what queues an agent belongs to versus what agents are in a queue

  • All changes are done in real-time