Your 3CX Platform: Custom Enhancements Unlock Its Potential

A female agent on her headset. 3CX is one of the most popular platforms for call centers, but there are a number of common enhancements necessary to make it effective for your unique call center. Learn more.

Without a doubt, 3CX has become an industry-leading IP PBX system. 3CX is a powerful tool right off of the shelf, with basic features that include: Web conferencing Presence Softphones Smartphone clients Fax & voicemail to email Instant messaging However, the average 3CX installation has much untapped potential. JBHworks’ enhancements take that out-of-the-box 3CX platform…

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The art of reporting: Achieving your dream call center dashboard

Reporting is one of the most pivotal components of a comprehensive call center management system. Business intelligence is, after all, the actionable data you need to make key management decisions, such as staffing and workload management. You need the details of your call center system’s inner workings to be fast and easy to access, but…

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