Angled-Mockup-1 migrated to 3CX, but they quickly learned that, because of the unique needs of their business, they would need some enhancements to their software.

We created an enhanced call center platform for them with a variety of customizations, including:

  • The increased ability to score call recordings and provide performance data for individual employees, which is consolidated in our enhanced reporting features
  • More functions that better enable management to monitor workflow in real time, keep tabs on minute-to-minute call volume, increase employee accountability, and keep everyone on track
  • Integration of call center software with accounting, payroll, and other critical pieces of business software to streamline data flow, reduce workload, and decrease instances of human error during manual data transmission
  • Custom call statuses that enable instantaneous communication between employee and management regarding availability

As our partnership with develops, we continue to scale and adapt our custom solution to remain optimized to meet their ever-evolving needs.

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