DigiCel (South America)


We have partnered with DigiCel in their work with the justice systems across a large portion of South America to create a customized solution allowing those incarcerated to communicate with their loved ones by telephone.

Needless to say, such a fluid, complex, and delicate situation requires a unique solution that can’t be found in any stock product, no matter how fantastic it is. We crafted a custom solution for DigiCel’s requirements in each country that best meets the needs of those incarcerated, families, and the institutions themselves, which included:

  • Unique time management systems that allows the most accurate control of the duration of a single call, of the total call time across a specific time period, and of the elapsed time between calls
  • The effective implementation of a do-not-call system to reduce or prevent unnecessary conflicts

This custom solution provides those incarcerated with the ability to stay in contact with friends and family while still allowing authorities to impose necessary oversight.

One of the most amazing things about this solution is its flexibility. Our custom components can not only be fused to form a tailored platform, but their unique benefits can also be applied to unconventional situations beyond commercial call centers (as is the case with DigiCel). We continue to partner with DigiCel in this critical work, optimizing the solution and ensure it maintains efficiency for years to come.

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