OneChat (Australia)


When we partnered with OneChat in 2017, we found they needed a number of custom features added to their stock 3CX platform after they made the change, including:

  • Customized call disposition routines that allow managers to track outcomes and gain valuable intelligence to optimize their team’s sales process and increase efficiency
  • Tools allowing management to monitor the minute-to-minute floor workflow, stay on top of needs for support, and increase overall efficiency
  • Custom call statuses that enable immediate and accurate communication between employee and management regarding availability
  • Integration of call center software with accounting, payroll, and other critical pieces of business software to streamline data flow, reduce workload, and eliminate much of the human error that occurs during data entry

Our team continues to work with OneChat to ensure their call center is running at peak efficiency, always seeking to optimize their customized solution to keep up with an ever-changing business landscape.

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