Optimum CX


Optimum CX partnered with us to transition their call center to 3CX in 2016. We knew as soon as we discussed the project that a variety of customizations were going to be necessary to meet the massive needs of this unique, dynamic, client-focused call center.

The enhanced call center platform we crafted for them had to be fuzed together from various customized modules, forming a cohesive and fully-functioning platform that would streamline their workflow and allow their employees to focus on providing the best customer service possible. The enhancements we made included:

  • Smoother integration with other necessary systems, such as their Kronos time-keeping and payroll software, eliminating the need for data entry
  • Integration of their CRM with 3CX, allowing for automatic navigation from the CRM to a call script page for disposition of calls
  • Custom call statuses to help managers view on-demand information about current employee availability
  • More tools that enable management to monitor workflow in real time, identify individual needs for support, increase accountability, and keep everyone on track
  • Enhanced reporting features that reduce the workload on operators, management, human resources, payroll, and other departments company-wide

Since our partnership with Optimum CX began in 2016, we have continued to refine and expand the custom-designed solution to meet the ever-changing needs of Optimum CX’s growing enterprise.

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